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Station 11
Monmouth County Station 71-2
Middletown Township New Jersey Fire Department

1340 Highway 35
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The Department
In 1928 the first nine fire company's in Middletown Township banded together to form the Middletown Township Fire Department. Over time the Department would expand to a total of eleven company's providing emergency response protection to the entire township. For over seventy five years the members of the Department have dedicated their time and energy to protecting the township. Since its first days, the Department is comprised of all volunteer firefighters. With over three hundred active firefighters and hundreds more in supporting roles, the M.T.F.D. is one of the largest all volunteer fire departments in the world.

The Eleven Company's of the M.T.F.D.
Station # Company County #
Station 1 Navesink Hook & Ladder Company 31-1
Station 2 Brevent Park & Leonardo Fire Company 31-2
Station 3 Belford Engine Fire Company 31-3
Station 4 Community Fire Company 31-4
Station 5 East Keansburg Fire Company 31-5
Station 6 Port Monmouth Fire Company 31-6
Station 7 Independent Fire Company of Belford 31-7
Station 8 Middletown Fire Company 31-8
Station 9 River Plaza Hose Company 31-9
Station 10 Lincroft Fire Company 71-1
Station 11 Old Village Fire Company 71-2

M.T.F.D. Department Photo

Department Leaders
The Department is lead by five Fire Chiefs. Every eleven years each fire company selects a qualified member to be nominated for the Third Assistant Chief's position. After a Department wide vote, the Chief begins a five year term through the ranks to Chief of the Department. The process ensures that all eleven company's are equally represented through a regular rotation. The Fire Chiefs serve as Incident Commanders on the fire ground and Department Heads to the Township.

Over time the needs of the Township and the Department have grown beyond the need for basic fire suppression. With the ever growing need for additional disciplines, the Department has maintained a progressive approach to emergency response.

Since 1974 the Department has operated its own training academy. The Middletown Township Fire Department Training Academy is staffed with some of the States most experienced instructors. The Academy provides all of the Departments training needs. Members receive training on every level from recruit training, to company and chief officer training. For more information about the Training Academy click here.

In addition to training, the Department has many other supporting units. The Special Services Emergency Response Unit earned its name by providing such specialized disciplines as Hazardous Materials, Confined Space, High Angle, WMD, Trench, Structural Collapse and Incident Management Support.

M.T.F.D. Support Units

MTFD Training Academy Fire Police Unit
Special Services Emergency Response Unit Public Information Unit
Breathing Air Support Unit Tactical Field Communications Unit
Safety Unit  

Teens fifteen years of age and older are eligible to join the M.T.F.D. Explorers Post #911. Established through the Boy Scouts of America, the explorer program provides valuable lessons in life experience, survival techniques and fire safety. The program provides a foundation for teens who aspire to become firefighters at the age of eighteen. Teens interested in joining the program may contact us or report to the Training Academy on the first Friday of every month at 7:00 PM.

For more information on becoming a member of the Worlds Largest Volunteer Fire Department, see our Join page.

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