Old Village Fire Company
Station 11
Monmouth County Station 71-2
Middletown Township New Jersey Fire Department

1340 Highway 35
Mailing: P.O. Box 111
Middletown, NJ 07748
P: 732.671.5704 / F: 732.796.0127


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Mission Statement
The Old Village Fire Company exists to Protect life and property and to provide for all aspects of fire safety, prevention and education in our community by making our priorities: Training, Trust, Loyalty and Commitment to our fellow members, treating all with respect and dignity through the ongoing tradition of the fire service.

Our Company
Founded in 1955, the Old Village Fire Company has been serving the residents of Middletown for over fifty years. Located in the Village section of Middletown Township, the Company provides fire and emergency response to many residents and businesses located along the Highway 35 corridor.

Old Village is one of eleven company's that makes up the Middletown Township Fire Department. The Fire Department in Middletown remains busy all year long, responding to an average of four calls per day. From false alarms and nuisance fires to hazamt spills and structure fires, your Fire Department is there for you when you need us. Old Village consistently responds to over three hundred calls for service every year.

The Old Village Fire Company is an all volunteer organization. The members that make up the Old Village Fire Company volunteer their time to respond to calls, train, raise funds and maintain the apparatus and firehouse. Our members are your friends and neighbors. We are fathers and sons. We are little league coaches and troop leaders. We are engineers and stock brokers. We are Volunteer Firefighters.

Our members give countless hours and make many personal sacrifices to ensure the Township is protected. Our members remain on the cutting edge of technology and skill to provide the services the community demands.

When we're not training or responding to calls, you can find us providing firehouse tours to neighborhood children, attending public events and educating the general public. Your Fire Department provides all of its services to you and your neighbors at no cost.

The Middletown Township Fire Department is actively recruiting for the position of Firefighter. Have what it takes? Contact us today. For more information on how you can join our team and help your community, see our Join page.


The Old Village Fire Company is an IRS-designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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